Giving A Case Interview

There will be times when you partner with a classmate and give each other a case. How do you ensure that it is not the blind leading the blind? How do you make sure that you are giving good feedback and not passing on bad habits. I have developed a Case Review Sheet that you can download for free at CaseQuestions Exchange.

It has 20 things you can look for when giving a case. All of this is in Case in Point 10.


Did the student…

  • Summarize the question?
  • Verify the objective(s) Ask if there are any other objectives?
  • Ask clarifying questions?
  • Layout a complete structure? Was it MECE?
  • State a hypothesis? (Important in an interviewee-driven case).
  • Draw his notes so they were easy to read upside down?
  • Turn his notes towards you and walk you though his thought structure?
  • Keep well-organized notes? Can you read his handwriting?
  • Quantify related numbers as percentages?
  • Ask for numbers?
  • Crunch numbers without mistakes? Create math shortcuts?
  • Ask for trends?
  • Ask probing questions?
  • Identify relevant data from smoke?
  • Ask for missing data?
  • Analyze the data provided?
  • Maintain a high level of confidence? Recover quickly if confidence falls?
  • Display a sense of humor?
  • Generate creative solutions, beyond the expected answer?
  • State a recommendation and back it up with confidence? And sell it?
  • Produce a good, short summary quickly upon request? (30-90 seconds).
  • Would you have this person on your team? Y/N
  • Would you pass on / give an offer to this person? Y/N

Marc Cosentino

Marc, the world’s foremost authority on case interviewing has twenty seven years of experience with case questions. He has written well over a hundred cases, while coaching, preparing and training more than a hundred and fifty thousand students and alumni. He has written three books involving cases and consulting. Cosentino has given workshops to students at colleges and MBA programs for the last twenty seven years and has held training sessions for career services professionals on how to give cases and how to analyze a student’s performance.