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Case Interview Workshop

Marc Cosentino’s 3-part Case Interview Workshop is now available on video! Get 90 days of access today! 

Case Questions Interactive

Because life-changing jobs require more prep than classes can provide. Your options vary.

Right-size the access you need, whether you’re seeking practice opportunities for 3 or 365 days—whether you’re an individual or a school/club. Newly updated, CQI is chock-full of resources that are available to you for a variety of time periods. You’ll get business math problems, market sizing exercises, case starts (both written and video), Ivy case drills, chart analysis, ten interactive cases, and three day-of-interview-warmup sessions.

MBAs, industry hires, and more, start now if you’re serious about landing your dream job.

Schools and clubs, check out your options for access to groups.

Video Vault

Learn by watching. Access 15 videos, 10 case starts, and 5 full-length interviews with Marc Cosentino, the world’s foremost authority on case interviews. Listen as Marc makes comments as the student works through the cases. Put yourself in their shoes: How would have you done in each instance? 

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You’ll need the best-selling book the Wall St. Journal calls “the Bible” for MBAs, undergrads, and industry hires. 

Case in Point12

Complete Case Interview Preparation

Case Questions founder Marc Cosentino takes you inside the case interview and shares his proven system—so you can address today’s most challenging case questions with confidence. In this new 12th edition, you’ll get fresh material including:

  • Two additional cases
  • The consultant’s mindset
  • Graph analysis
  • Drills in strategy, graphs, and math
  • Material on cover letters, resumes, and behavior interviews

Case in Point12 helps you build your case cred from start to finish—with plenty of graphs and lessons built in. 

Often imitated but never duplicated, Case in Point delivers the most comprehensive interview strategy available—which is why it is the best-selling case prep book on the planet 20 years in a row!  

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Book of choice for the Ivies and Big 3 firms

“Lucid, down-to-earth, demystifying, and surprisingly entertaining.”
—Recruiter, McKinsey & Company


Far and away the best. Digestible chapters that are funny, interesting, and incredibly helpful


As a former consultant who has worked with MBA students for a decade, I highly recommend Case in Point. No better source. Logical, practical, understandable…with essential interview tips, frameworks, and cases that span industries and functional areas. Case In Point will take your fear out of interviewing.


I owe Cosentino everything


I’m ecstatic to be joining Bain! Case in Point helped make a very stressful, nebulous process easier 


Easy language and I appreciate the humor + flow! 

Also by Case Questions

Case in Point: Case Competition
Creating Winning Strategy Presentations for Case Competitions and Job Offers

The must-have guide to transform classroom knowledge into high-impact wins.

Why is the case method so important? It teaches emerging leaders how to analyze a situation—how to diagnose a problem, formulate a recommendation, present it effectively, and gain approval from top executives. In fact, the case method is one of the most productive frameworks you can leverage for success. The Amazon reviews say it all: 


The best way to stand out among a pool of elite MBA students is to dominate the details, and this is where this book thrives.


Read this before your first case competition!


As a professor, former consultant, and someone who has served as a judge for dozens of case competitions, I could not recommend this book more highly. This past semester I made the book required reading in my management consulting course. It’s more than a book about how to win case competitions. It’s a book about how to present a coherent, data driven (yet cognitively digestible), strategic recommendation to a group of busy (often distracted) senior level executives.

In this valuable guide, Cosentino collaborates with two “case competition geniuses” (Google) and “the ultimate case competition gurus” (ExxonMobil) — Kara Kravetz Cupoli and Jason Rife. Altogether, you get the frameworks and advice you need to apply the case method for your greatest wins.

P.S. If you want training on how to run case competitions, learn how here!

Case in Point: Crafting Your Consulting Career

In Case in Point: Crafting Your Consulting Career, Piekara distills information garnered over his years in the industry by sharing anecdotes, his own experiences, insights gained through hundred of informational interviews, and wisdom from nearly 20 consultants who have had to navigate countless critical decisions throughout their careers. This digestible, reader-friendly guide provides timeless lessons for consultants, no matter their career stage.

Attention Public Sector Candidates

Case in Point: Government and Nonprofit

Case Interviewing & Problem Solving for the Public Sector

The public sector requires different preparation than the private sector—but you must be just as thorough. 

Start by adopting a mindset that puts stakeholders, mission, and impact at the forefront. And since the market is vast—spanning industries as far-reaching as military, law enforcement, infrastructure from the internet to bridges, education, and healthcare to name a few—you’ve got to be well-versed in your target sector’s special jargon, constraints, opportunities, culture, partners, and politics.  Finally, because our fast-changing world demands better, cheaper, and faster services so you’ve got to pull it all together and operate at your best. 

In this indispensable guide, authors Cosentino and public sector guru Evan Piekara lead you through the many requirements, complexities, and nuances that define public sector work. Best-in-class advice includes:  

  • The types of public sector case interviews
  • 3 core areas of practice—illustrated through 14 cases
  • 8 tried-and-true frameworks, 5 key consulting skills, 14 sample cases

The special impact of stakeholders, culture, social responsibility, and more

Case In Point: Government and Nonprofit will help you differentiate yourself and help you compete for consulting jobs more effectively.

The “survival toolkit” for all levels. –Washington Post

“This book distills what I’ve learned the hard way in the public sector, as a government official and a nonprofit executive.”
–CEO, Direct Relief

“THE guide for new and experienced consultants in the public sector.”
Toffler Associates

“A practical, effective, essential resource for anyone looking to enter the field or sharpen skills.”
Executive Director, Louisiana Department of Education

“A thoughtful, engaging, must-read for aspiring and current practitioners.”
–Senior Engagement Manager, McKinsey & Company

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