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Case Questions—the world’s foremost authority on case interviews—teaches MBAs, undergrads, and industry hires how to master case interviews to win jobs at top firms. Along with our online training and books, we also provide them with in-person coaching through Career Services departments and clubs. Founder, Marc Cosentino has sent more candidates to big consulting firms than all the other case prep books combined.

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Case Questions founder Marc Cosentino takes you inside the case interview and shares his proven system – so you can address today’s most challenging case questions with confidence.

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Case Questions founder MARC COSENTINO has trained more than 150,000 people. Each year, Cosentino leads in-person workshops at 45-50 top MBA programs and colleges. He coaches career services professionals. He trains science PhDs at Fortune 500 companies to think more like businesspeople. And he consults to a range of private sector firms, government agencies, and nonprofits. Santa Barbara-based Cosentino is a graduate of the Harvard Kennedy School and the University of Denver. Link In today.