You know you are going to get a lot of cases that ask you to analyze a company (the client). Below is a lists of core questions you should be thinking of and asking about the company. You need to learn these so you can rattle them off in your sleep. It will speed up your structure (because you won’t have to stop and think) and ensure that you don’t miss anything critical. You will probably add to or subtract from the list depending on the case, but it will eventually become second nature to you and thus build up your confidence.


  • Profits and revenues for the last three years?
  • Customer segmentations?
    • Characteristics?
    • Changing needs?
    • Profitability by segment?
  • Product Mix?
    • Costs / margins?
    • Product differentiation?
    • Market share?
  • Production capabilities / capacity?
  • Brand?
  • Distribution channels?
  • WCS (What constitues success?)
    • What metric is used?

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