Welcome to the Case Interview Exchange

A FREE site, the Exchange was developed for students from around the world to practice cases with their peers from other schools. We’ve divided the Exchange into two clubhouses, one for MBA Consulting Clubs and the other for non-MBA students (undergraduates, masters, J.D.s, M.D.s, Ph.D.s and alumni). When you register, your personal information will be protected and then deleted three months after your graduation date. Members will be able to sign up to give (proctor) or receive cases with students from other schools. You can delete your name off that list at any time.

MBA Consulting Club Exchange


You need to be a member of an MBA consulting club to join. Each school is assigned a club code. To receive your club’s code, the president or an officer of the club should email

Non-MBA Case Interview Exchange


This exchange is open to any student or industry professional looking for case interview practice buddies. You need to register. No special code is needed.

Any questions or issues, please contact Marc at

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Marc Cosentino