Contact not only trains students to prepare for case interviews, it also trains the interviewers how to ask the questions and what to look for. The firm also works with Fortune 500 companies to help train their Ph.D.s how to think like business people.

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In addition, one-on-one mock case interviews are available.
Rates are $200 per hour for students and $250 per hour for non-students.

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Phone: 805-845-7189


The information contained on the website is the sole copyright of Marc P. Cosentino. Much of this material is published in his book, Case and Point, which is published by Burgee Press. As with all case questions, we assume facts not in evidence, as well as generous assumptions. Familiar companies are used as examples because of the power of their brand and their familiarity to the general public. Information concerning actual companies cited as examples may not be accurate. This information was based on research, but should not be used as reliable, up-to-date data.