Case Preparation – The Roommate’s Interview Guide To Giving Case Questions

If you have been begged, bribed, or blackmailed into helping
your friend(s) prepare for case questions, here are some hints.
This is also a great sheet to review right before you go into an interview.

Your Prep

  • Read the question and answer all the way through before giving the case.
  • Be aware that there are multiple “right” answers.
  • It’s all right to give them help if they lose their way.
  • Don’t cop a know-it-all attitude.


Things to watch for at the beginning

  • Are they writing down the case information?
  • Is there a long silence between the end of the question and the beginning of their answer?
  • Are they summarizing the question?
  • Are they asking about the client’s objective(s)?
  • Are they asking clarifying questions about the company, the industry, the competition, and the product?
  • Are they laying out a logical structure to their answer?

Things to watch and listen for during the course of the question

  • Are they enthusiastic and do they project a positive attitude?
  • Listen for the logic of their answer. Is it making good business sense?
  • Is their answer well-organized?
  • Are they stating their assumptions clearly?
  • Are they being creative?
  • Are they engaging, bringing you into the question and turning the case into a conversation?
  • Are they asking probing questions?
  • Are they quantifying their answer?
  • Are they asking for help or guidance?

Review list

  • Was their answer well-organized? Did they manage their time well?
  • Did they get bogged down in details?
  • Did they seem to go off on a tangent?
  • Did they ask probing questions?
  • Did they use business terms and buzzwords correctly?
  • Did they have trouble with math, multiplying, and percentage calculation?
  • Did they try to get you to answer the question for them?
  • Were they coachable? Did they pick up on your hints?
  • Did they speak without thinking?
  • Did they have a positive attitude?
  • Did they summarize their answer?

Final Analysis

  • Did they take your criticism well?
  • Did they defend themselves without sounding defensive?


  • Go out on the town!