The Case One Program

Budgets have been slashed, resources are tight, but the competition for top jobs has never been tougher. Companies in all industries are giving case interviews and they are starting their recruiting earlier. Students need to return to campus ready to interview. has the answer —

by allowing multiple schools and consulting clubs to share one site, we’ve cut the cost of the annual program from $8,000 to $1,800.

For $1,800 per school, all your students get unlimited access to:

CQI (Case Questions Interactive)

The Video Vault

A video case interview workshop

Participation in a live case interview workshop

Bulk discounts on:

  • Case in Point, 11th edition
  • Case in Point: Case Competition
  • Case in Point: Graph Analysis
  • Case in Point: Crafting Your Consulting Career
  • Case in Point: Government and Nonprofit


Case Questions Interactive

Nothing beats live practice, but when you can’t practice with a partner, nothing beats Case Questions Interactive. CQI provides you with the skill exercises you’ll need to perform well under pressure in your interview

CQI gives you an introduction to case interviewing as well as a game plan for those students who only have one week to prepare. To get your practical skills up to speed, it includes:

  • Hundreds of math questions focusing on the math that you’re most likely to see in an interview, such as percentages, break-evens, weighted averages, NPV, and general math including many multiplication and division questions involving lots of zeros!
  • Market-sizing questions
  • A section on chart and graph analysis

And there are rich resources to fully equip you for the interview process:

  • Brainstorming strategies
  • A video of the first five steps to answering a case
  • Practice drills, including both written and video case starts as well as 10 written cases you can go through on your own
  • A section on how to give a case to your classmates, for invaluable live experience
  • Pointers for wrapping up your analysis and delivering a winning recommendation 

CQI even includes a set of day-of-the-interview warmup sessions to get you into the right mindset for a successful interview.

Plus much, much more.

Video Vault

Learn by watching. Access 15 videos, 10 case starts, and 5 full-length interviews with Marc Cosentino, the world’s foremost authority on case interviews. Listen as Marc makes comments as the student works through the cases. Put yourself in their shoes: How would have you done in each instance? 

Case Interview Workshop Video

The Case Interview Workshop is a two-and half-hour workshop divided into three sessions. Part lecture, and part video exercise, it’s the same one Marc gives at 30 schools a year. It covers more than just the basics: you’ll go through the first five steps to answering case and learn how to structure your thoughts, your answer, and your notes – and how to give a memorable recommendation and close the deal.

Case Interview Workshop Live

Students will get the chance to sit in on a live workshop (same as the video) but they’ll get to ask questions. Two dates will be scheduled for August.


All-access for just $1,800



Who is eligible for this program?

Any school or consulting club not currently a client.

Will I be able to get stats from the program?

No. Because it’s a shared resource, you won’t be able to get individualized school stats. However, if you email Marc Cosentino, he will be able to provide you with the number of students registered through your school. 

How will Marc be able to tell who is from my school?

All students must register with their school .edu email address to access the program.

Can alumni use the site?

Yes, if they use their .edu school email address.

Is there a limit to the number of students from each school?

No. There is no limit!

Will you sell our students' email addresses to a third party?

Never. We will, on occasion, email members information about products and services.

Will I have to sign up every year?

No. Your subscription will automatically renew on an annual basis unless you cancel.

Will new material be added to the site every year?

Yes, new material will be added to the Case One program every year. 

I still have questions.

Email Marc Cosentino for answers!