Making Your Own Structure

By Marc Cosentino | August 20, 2019

Every year I receive emails from readers about the Ivy Case System and how they finetuned it to make it easier for themselves. I love to get them! Some reader-hand-crafted frameworks are quite interesting, others not so much. When Smarth sent me his it caught my eye. It’s very complete, there is a lot of…

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Giving A Case Interview

By Marc Cosentino | August 13, 2019

There will be times when you partner with a classmate and give each other a case. How do you ensure that it is not the blind leading the blind? How do you make sure that you are giving good feedback and not passing on bad habits. I have developed a Case Review Sheet that you…

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MBA School Ranking for Consulting

By Marc Cosentino | August 5, 2019 reported the latest MBA specialization rankings by QS. The methodology used for each specialization ranking is compiled with three central criteria in mind: career placements, employer reputation, and research strength. For career placement, the rankings consider the absolute number of graduates entering consulting. This is an absolute number and not a percentage of students.…

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The Importance of a Strong Recommendation

By Marc Cosentino | July 31, 2019

Many case interview books pay little heed to stating your recommendation. I think this is a mistake. The recommendation is the last thing the interviewer will remember. A strong recommendation will erase some of the minor mistakes you might have made during the case and leave a positive impression as you finish up the interview.…

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McKinsey’s New Video Game Hiring Test

By Marc Cosentino | July 23, 2019

Bloomberg Businessweek, March 25, 2019 cover story “College is a racket.” McKinsey and Company has recently partnered with Imbellus Inc., a California startup that is trying to change the way students apply to college by replacing the SATs and ACTs with video games AND change the way they apply to McKinsey. McKinsey is working with…

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