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Case In Point Testimonials

"When in Doubt, M.B.A.s Turn to 'Bible'. Case in Point has become the the biggest business book you never heard of..."
Wall Street Journal 11/1/12 B6

Case in Point is the choice for many of the top business schools. Every year consulting clubs from Harvard, Michigan, Darden, Wake Forest buy copies for all their members.

"Case in Point is the seminal consulting bible!"
Jeremy from Yale

"Case in Point is truly the gold standard for case preparation."
Amy from Harvard

"I want to thank you for putting together the book and website. I received an offer from BCG today! Their feedback was that I had a 'rigorous analytical methodology combined with intellectual curiosity.'"
Steven W

"I used your materials to prepare for a final-round business case at a boutique shop two years ago. I have since joined the firm's recruiting team and observed numerous substantially more experienced consultants flail. Thank you for the leg up; I'm enjoying the work immensely."

"I'd like to express my sincere admiration in writing the best case cracking manual ever written!"

"Great book, very informative and so easy to follow!"
Natalia, New York

"Case in Point and the CQ Interactive website prepared me well. I used your interactive cases to warm-up before each interview and they really helped me to get ready for the day. Your materials are comprehensive and made a huge difference."
Harvard Business School student

"I'd recommend Case in Point for anyone even slightly interested in consulting. It's a surprisingly enjoyable read with example case dialog that's insightful and even humerous at times. If you got interviews and are serious about getting an offer, I'd highly recommend learning Case in Point's Ivy Case System and scheduling at least one mock case interview with Marc himself. This preparation will give you the knowledge and confidence it takes to tackle a case. With this system and the right attitude, you'll have the 'rip right through it' enthusiasm that is emphasized by Marc and is essential for doing well in consulting interviews,"
Steve, University of Michigan

"I really enjoyed reading Case in Point and the way you don't give the reader static concepts, but open up his mind for ideas during the interviews."
Florian  (Germany)

"Reading your book, working through your website, and going over cases with you on the phone really gave me the confidence that I needed to do well in my interviews. Thank you for your help during this process. I'm excited about joining McKinsey, and I wanted to let you know that you definitely contrbuted to my success in the interviewing process."
J an industry hire 

"I used Case in Point in my Harvard MBA study. It helped me a lot to get a great consulting job. You will NEVER regret for buying this book.
Emily, Harvard Business School '06

"I advise all our candidates to read Case in Point. It's the best case book on the market."
Eileen McBride, Senior Recruiter, The Parthenon Group

"Case in Point is consistently student's favorite print resource for case preparation. They mention the clear, specific detail is what they appreciate most. Their love for the book dictates we purchase multiple copies each year."
Megan Wilson, Duke University Career Center 

"Case in Point is excellent! It explains concepts much better than the other books and now I feel more confident about my interviews."
Jordan Selleck, UNC 2007

"Case in Point saved the day when I was preparing for my consulting interviews. I found the frameworks to be incredibly helpful and the case examples to be realistic."
Suzanne Ranere, Harvard Business School '03

"Wanted to say "thank you" for writing such a great guide! I am a PhD candidate who ordered your book as a "crash course" to prepare for the case interviews at some of the top consulting firms. I got deep into the final rounds at several companies, but finally accepted an offer at BCG. I honestly could not have done it without your book. I loved how it was thorough, easy to read, and even fun!"
PhD Student '06

"Case in Point successfully takes on the immensely difficult task of simplifying complex cases and gives you the tools you need to solve them. The examples of case interviews in action he gives afterwards are highly useful and give you the confidence you need to succeed during the real thing."
Paul Brandenburg, London School of Economics '06

"I loved it! I've read many case preparation books over the last few weeks. But I found Case in Point to be the most fun, and to include relatively complex/challenging cases (rather than--like some of the books--cases that are 'too easy' and therefore not particularly helpful to study)."
Hillary Haley, Doctoral Student Department of Psychology, UCLA

One thing I had trouble with (before reading this book) was to map some pre-defined frameworks (3Cs,4Ps, Porter's forces) to a problem at hand. But this book allowed me to break the problem down to logical and manageable constituents using the "Ivy" case scenarios. I thought that was very helpful.

"EXCELLENT book. A must-have piece for anyone who is (1) either anticipating an interview or (2) simply considering their possible entry into the world of management consulting. In his work, Cosentino not only provides the best - and most realistic - prepatory tool for case interviewing available on the market, he also provides the best overview of the industry at large, including all that which it demands of its participants. If you are preparing for an interview next year, next month or tomorrow, buy this book. If you are, as yet, still trying to decide if management consulting is "for you", buy this book. Case In Point is of equally invaluable necessity in either regard. No other book offers as realistic a feel for what management consulting `really' entails and, since self-selection comprises 80% of any ultimate hiring "decision", that is the more important groundwork with which all candidates must concern themselves. That critical self-analysis is, by far, best facilitated by Cosentino's book over the drier competitor approaches which lack his perspective, humor, and overall relevance. If you buy other books as well, you will find yourself as I did, only returning to Cosentino's cases as the freshest, most comprehensive and comprehensible - indeed the only ones you'll need for the most efficient and exhaustive preparation and self-analysis."
Amazon reader from Rhode Island

"My advice is if you buy only one book in your case interview process, make it Case in Point. If your aim is, as mine was, to succeed at the highest levels of the management consulting interview process, its an endeavor which will prove unnecessarily difficult without this particular resource. Of all the overwhelming number of guides on the market, Case in Point is by far the best: the most practical, the most useful and the easiest to comprehend. In a lucid fashion derived from invaluable and unique experience (years grooming generations of successful case interviewers at Harvard), Marc Cosentino presents a one-stop shopping in a prepatory guide which easily allows any candidate to succeed in that which will ultimately prove both the most difficult and most important interview of their lives. With humor and balance, Cosentino entertains and courts the reader not only into a comprehension but into an essential appreciation for the `case interview' craft. Cosentino's book is clearly lengths ahead of the pack."
Amazon reader from Connecticut

"I found Case in Point an invaluable resource. The Ivy Case System took a daunting interviewing process and made it approachable-- even fun. And the practice cases allowed me to prepare on my own. After learning and practicing the Case in Point materials, I received two offers from leading strategy consulting firms in a very difficult recruiting year. I strongly recommend this book to anyone preparing for case interviews, especially for those new to the process."
Matt Van Itallie, Harvard Law School

Case In Point provides a systematic approach for answering not only case-specific interview questions, but also for adopting a broader question-answer strategy for making the most of any problem-solving interview question. Highly recommended for any new college grad."
Brian Krueger, President, CollegeGrad.com, Inc.

"A well-written informative and amusing book. Cosentino shows the reader through the dark woods and open landscapes of the world of case questions and consulting interviews. I owe him my career."
Dan Allen, Harvard College ’97, Harvard Business School ‘01,  McKinsey Analyst (97-99)

"While preparing for case interviews at the end of my graduate school career, I used four different publications on case interview preparation. This book was by far the most relevant and useful to me. It offered the greatest number of cases, the most useful breakdown of how to approach each case, and the most relevant "toolbox" of analytic frameworks I encountered. The best thing about the book, though, is that it helped me land a great job at a leading consulting firm!"
Andrea Dodge Yale ‘95 Harvard Kennedy School ‘00

I am a post doctoral research fellow in the field of Neuroscience. Case in Point is the "bible." The succinct, 101 page book provides valuable insight and strategies for how to prepare for the case based interview and is laced with insightful tidbits. The book provides ample opportunity to familiarize yourself with creating structure around ambiguous situations. In addition to providing you with an over-all must execute strategy for working through cases.
Edmund Cape, Ph.D. Harvard Medical School Research Fellow

I read the competition and Case in Point was by far the most helpful. It is well-organized and easy to understand because with the Ivy Case System, the overwhelming task of solving cases is simplified into easy steps for you.
Christina Harding, Yale '98

BOSTON CONSULTING GROUP CHOOSES CASE IN POINT! BCG PROVIDED COPIES TO THEIR INTERVIEWEES AT TOP GRADUATE SCHOOLS. "I have read many case interview prep books, and I found Case in Point to be the most helpful when I was going through the case interview process myself. I encourage you to read it and practice the cases and techniques it contains." Carly Janson, Recruiting Director - Boston Consulting Group