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Case Preparation

Marc has conducted workshops for all academic levels. He has held sessions at at numerous colleges and graduate schools. At the graduate level, Marc has coached both MBA and non-business degree candidates, helping to mold and frame various backgrounds to appeal to a consulting audience. He has also held training sessions for Career Services professionals.

Besides reading Case in Point, you can sign up for CQ Interactive, the most advanced on-line case interview preparation available. In addition, Marc also does one-on-one case interviews either in person or over the phone. During these sessions, Marc provides specific and tailored feedback.

A framework is a structure that helps you organize your thoughts and analyze the case in a logical manner.

These Case Commandments are the result of years of research. Marc has interviewed recruiters, consultants, partners and debriefed hundreds of Harvard students.

Before you walk into the interview, review the Interview Guide.

Finally, Marc offers straightforward tips for acing the cases.